Certified Data Centre Migration Specialist (CDMS)

This course is designed to expose participants to a step-by-step methodology which will enable them to reduce the risks involved when undertaking a data centre migration. It will also give participants a lot of valuable practical hints and tips by trainers having extensive experience in moving and consolidating mission critical data centre.

Course Details

The primary audience is an IT, Facilities or Data Centre Operations professional working in and around the data Centre (representing both end-customers and/or service provider/ facilitators) and having to deal with Data Centre Migration Projects and/or Data Centre Strategies, such as: Project Managers, Data Centre managers, Operations/ Floor /Facility managers, IT managers, Network/System Engineers, Data Centre Sales/Consultants, Logistic Managers.

There is no specific prerequisite for the CDMS® course. However, participants who have actual experience in the data centre and/or IT infrastructures are best suited. Attendance of the CDCP® course is recommended but not a requirement.

Data Centre Strategy

Data centre lifecycle
Reasons to migrate a data centre
Alternatives to data centre migration
Cloud computing
Upgrade existing data centre or build new
Project Management

Project management and methods
Scope statement
Statement Of Work (SOW)
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Allocate time to the project
Cost and estimation methodology
Project communication
Risk Management

Risk management and methods
Risk identification
Risk assessment methodologies
Qualitative approach
Semi-quantitative approach
Quantitative approach
Risk evaluation
Risk treatment
Risk in data centre migrations
Migration Strategies

Different data centre migration strategies
Heterogeneous migration
Homogeneous migration
Physical migration
Different IT transformations
Pre-migration transformation
Migration transformation
Post-migration transformation
Legal Aspects

Regulatory requirements
Contractual considerations
Legal aspects when decommissioning
High Level Discovery & Planning

The importance of Business Service Reviews
The concept of Availability
The concept of Recoverability
The importance of Service Level Objectives
Requirements on designing the target IT architecture
Information needed for high level planning
Design Target Data Centre

Requirements for the target data centre
Sizing the data centre
Architectural requirements
Cooling requirements
Power requirements
Detailed Discovery and Planning

The importance of discovery
Automated discovery tools
Asset management
Network and system dependencies
Detailed migration planning
Migration waves
Warranties and insurance

Safety precautions
Technical safety review
Electrical safety
Personal safety during migration
Fire safety during migration

Controversy between access and security
Access control
Managing security during migration
Security during migration
Key management
Practical hints and tips
Continuous improvement

Route investigation
Logistics team
Installing the equipment
Post migration support
End of Project

Why project closure
Lessons learned
Phased completion of project
Criteria for project closure
The outcome of the project
End of project


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Course Code: 102
Course Duration: 2 Day
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