SLK400 - Silk4Net Scripting Essentials


This course provides the foundational concepts and skills needed to use the Silk4Net plugin for Visual Studio to create automated tests using VB Script.

Course Details

This course is designed for those who will be responsible for creating programmatically automated tests ising Silk Test, utilizing VB.Net.

The following is recommended:

  • Be a test automation engineer or developer
  • Be familiar with the Windows environment
  • Familiar with basic concepts related to functional testing, regression testing, Web architecture
  • Have experience testing applications manually
  • Familiar with Visual Studio and VB.Net scripting language
  • This course assumes that you have a technical background and are familiar with development practices

Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Identify the daily classroom schedule and methodology
  • Review the course objectives

Module 2: Introduction to Silk4NET

  • Understand Silk4NET is and where it fits in the testing lifecycle.
  • Know the benefits of using Silk4NET.

Module 3: Creating a Silk4NET Project

  • Describe projects and understand why they are used.
  • Create new projects in Visual Studio
  • Add an empty test container

Module 4: Managing Application Configurations

  • Understand what the base state of an application is.
  • Understand what an application configuration is.
  • Add an application configuration to test your application with Silk4NET.

Module 5: Recording a Test

  • Add a test to a project.
  • Record a test.

Module 6: Object Recognition

  • Understand how Silk4NET recognizes the objects in your application.
  • Understand what dynamic object recognition is.
  • Understand what XPath is.
  • Understand what Locators and Object Maps and when to use them.
  • Use the Locator Spy to add locators to test methods.
  • Identify objects in your application.

Module 7: Adding Verification

  • Understand what a verification is.
  • Add a verification to your test.

Module 8: Play back tests and analyze results

  • Playback tests.
  • Edit replay options to fit your environment.
  • Understand TrueLog.
  • View and understand test results.

Module 9: Testing Web applications on mobile browsers

  • Record a test for a Web application on a mobile browser.
  • Replay the same test on both a mobile browser and a desktop browser.

Module 10: Cross-browser testing

  • Understand what cross-browser testing is.
  • Change the browser that is used in your test.
  • Create a test that is run on multiple browsers.

Module 11: Wrap up exercises

  • Complete wrap up exercise – review practical course objectives.
  • Complete wrap up quiz.


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Course Code: TNL-MF-SLK400
Course Duration: 1 Day
Price: $1995 (AUD) ex GST
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